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46-75pk spill kit

Sorbex - Spill Control 90L

Product Code: SSC 90L

Sorbex: Absorbents that work

  • Will contain and absorb up to 90 litres of most liquids
  • Made from organic material
  • Ideal for general spills and hydrocarbons

280L Portable Spill Response Kit includes:

  • 90L (plastic bin)
  • 5 x 1m socks
  • 2 x2.5kg floor sweep
  • 12 x 450mm x 500mm pads
  • 1 x 300 x 350mm pillows
  • 5 x Heavy duty disposable bags
  • 1 x Pair red PVC gloves

Berlex-Dealer Lines now sells Sorbex Spill Control products specialized for use in car service departments and mechanical workshops. Sorbex Spill Control products are an efficient way of containing liquid spills and ensuring that spillage problems are effectively managed. We now sell a range of Sorbex Spill Control kits in varying sizes to suit different needs.

Berlex-Dealer Lines sells Sorbex Spill Control products in kits for convenience. This ensures that you have everything you may need including; gloves, masks, bags and the spill control pads, floor sweeps and socks. Sorbex Spill Control products can be purchased as kits or as individual items to suit your requirements.

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